3141V Team Bios

Abbigail (Sophomore)

Abbigail Clark is a 15-year-old sophomore. This is her second year in VEX robotics. She is the leader of Team 3141 V. At Gross Catholic High School, Abbigail is in many activities. She currently participates in robotics, chess team, speech team, drama, show choir, band, jazz band, and LIFE. I play the flute. In her free time, she likes to play League of Legends, play matches of Magic the Gathering, reading, painting, digital drawing, watching movies, writing, and playing all sorts of video games. Her favorite musical is RENT. Her favorite song is “I Won’t Say (I’m In Love)” from Hercules. She wants to be a drama/choir/band high school teacher when she grows up. Her favorite class is Honors Chemistry. She wants to learn how to play the piano. She hopes that everyone comes to all the the robotic tournaments. She is very grateful for her wonderful parents and all that they do for her. She is also very grateful to her best friend Kylee. Kylee is Abbigail’s best friend ever.


Matt (Sophomore)

Matt R is a 16 year old sophomore, attending Gross Catholic. He is the head builder/designer of team 3141 V. He has been part of the robotics team since freshman year. He is part of the chess team competitively, and part of the varsity soccer team.

Jilli (Freshman)

Jilli is a 14 year old freshmen. This is her first year with vex robotics but her fifth year with robotics in general. She does Jazz band and concert band while playing four instruments. Music is her life and so are fandoms. She has lost count of how many fandoms she is in. She loves the Harry Potter fandom but never got her acceptance letter so she has been stealing Lily’s for years. She has three cats and a dog and loves any and all animals. She loves D&D (DungeonS and dragons) but doesn’t know a lot about it so don’t ask her questions. She loves to keep life fun but has her life pretty much charted out. She has all advanced classes and is best friends with Katie Sloup while trying to give her Lily’s acceptance letters. (who has five periods with Jilli). Jilli loves being on the robotics team and hopes she is friends with everyone!

Steven (Freshman)

Steven is a 14 year old, Freshman at Gross High School. Some of my hobbies include video games, running, fishing, and playing outside.I am the head driver for the 3141 V Gross robotics team.I am always happy with a bright, humorous personality I feel like I am a big part of our team because I brighten up everyone’s day. A couple fun facts for you is I love trivia.Also I like to go into the forest with a machete and survive.Whitch means I make shelter and find water to see if I can make it through the day.My favorite holiday is Haloween and have never broken a bone.My favorite color is orange.I think one of my best qualitiys is creativity. I can think of ideas and ways to do things of the tip of my head which can be useful in robotics.A fun creative person steven can always find a reason to smile.

Castle (Freshman)

Castle is a sophomore, fifteen years of age who attends gross Catholic High School. He has participated in robotics in freshmen year and plans to continue. He is head programmer of the 3141 V team. Castle also partakes in chess, but is not affiliated competitively. Other experience in programming has come from Python. This is apparent by his participation in a computer principles class dealing lightly with programming.

Scotty (Freshman)

Scotty is a 15 year old freshman. This is his 1st year in robotics. He loves to act, play PC games, be outdoors, and watch anime. He is in drama and bowling. He loves to play a card game called Yu-gi-oh! He has played that since he was 5. He loves to play games on his school laptop which is also his gaming pc. It is an asus. He loves computers which is what got him into robotics. His favorite video game is Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

Kylee (Junior)

Kylee is a 16 year old junior. This is her 2nd year in robotics. She loves to sing and is always playing music and singing at the robotics meetings. She is in choir, show choir, band and jazz band. She plays the trumpet, the flute and the piano. She was also Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi in Gross’s production of the Matchmaker in the fall and she also is in speech. She also plays club soccer during the fall. You can usually find her reading a good book, studying for her many classes, or playing video games. She loves reading fantasy and her favorite video games are Kingdom Hearts, the Legend of Zelda and Professor Layton.

Dan (Sophomore)

Dan is 15 years old, and whom is a sophomore at Gross. He is the backup driver for the V team, but is also the website manager for the whole Cougar robotics team. Outside of robotics Dan is a part of drama and bowling, and likes to listen to music, play video games, and play guitar.

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