3141A Team Bios

James (Senior)

James is a 17-year-old Senior. This is his fourth year in robotics. He is also a member of the chess team and LIFE. He enjoys eating, play video games and playing Magic: The Gathering. He is an honors student and will be attending UNO in the Fall. He has been a driver since Sophomore year and has been building since Freshman year. He hopes to finally qualify for Worlds. He is currently fighting for the rebels to liberate the galaxy from the Empire.

 Katie (Freshman)

Katie is a 14-year-old freshman. This is her second year of Vex robotics, and third year of working with robots of any kind. She is the head builder of team 3141A, and is also in charge of making their notebook. She is involved in band, jazz band, art club, and LIFE at school, and takes saxophone lessons outside of school. In her free time, Katie likes to read, write, practice music, and make things out of whatever she has on hand when the mood strikes her. She is very involved in the Harry Potter and Star Trek fandoms, plus the fandoms for various other book series. She has been trying to get Jilli to return all of Lily’s Hogwarts acceptance letters, but so far has not succeeded. Her main goal for the future is to live long and prosper.

Kyle (Junior)

Kyle is a 16-year-old Junior, and this is his third year of robotics. He is also a member in the chess team, and sometimes gets involved in drama. He is thinking about joining the in the future archery club. His hobbies include martial arts and playing video games. He prefers to spend time alone, and doesn’t like large social events, but loves going to tournaments. His preferred contributions to the team are building and driving. 

James (Junior)

My name is James and I am a junior. I am 16 years of age and this is my 1st year. I have been seen the robotics team in action and have helped, but was never recognized myself part of this team until now. I am also part of the chess team and I do plan on going to college, but I have yet to decide.

Joel (Senior)

My name is Joel I am a senior, I am 17 years old and this is my 4th year in robotics. I am also apart of chess, drama and band where I play clarinet. I plan to go to either UNO or Missouri S&T and study Computer Science.

CJ (Freshman)

CJ is a 15-year-old freshmen. This is his first year of vex robotics. He enjoys music, video games, and a few sports such as baseball and basketball. He enjoys doing things with his friends like making short movies.

Nora (Junior)

Nora Baker is a 16 year old junior. This is her 3rd year in robotics. She is the Robotics President. (Her official title is “Leader of All”). Nora is also involved in band, jazz band, show choir, choir, and drama. Nora plays the clarinet, piano, and cymbals. In her free time, you can find her sleeping, wasting time, singing, or studying.She is an INFJ and loves going to tournaments. Her favorite color is black. Her favorite food is either oreo balls or cheesy potatoes, or Kylee’s mom’s ham and potato bake (Mrs. Kylee’s mom if you’re reading this please bring me some because I will be very happy). Her favorite class is Pre Calc and would like to be either a stay at home mom or a high school choir or math teacher when she grows up. She would love to be able to go to Worlds this year, because she would be extremely honored to be able to meet people from other countries and work with them. Go Teams!


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