Steve Hamersky

Mr Hamersky is the coach for Team Irrational and a teacher at Gross Catholic High School. He holds bachelors and masters degrees from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln with areas of specialization in mathematics, physics, and computer science, and holds a certification in network management from Cisco Systems. He also sponsors the chess team, physics team, computer programming, and engineering team. He is the school technology director. He has taught on-campus and on-line courses in mathematics, science, education, and computer technology for Creighton University, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Metropolitan Community College, and Iowa Western Community College.

Matt Ginnaty

Mr Ginnaty is the Assistant Coach of the Robotics Team. He holds Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics as well as a Master’s degree in Computer Resource Management. Mr Ginnaty is a retired United States Air Force Officer with over 15 years of experience in the Communications and Information field. He has two years of podium teaching experience as well as over 5 years of seminar teaching experience working with ages from middle school age through adult. Mr Ginnaty started with the Gross Robotics Team as an involved parent during the initial year of robotics at Gross. As the team expanded and Mr Hamersky needed help with administrative and behind the scenes activities and student supervision at tournaments, Mr Ginnaty volunteered to assist. Mr Ginnaty holds a certificate of Safe Environment since 2000.

Alex Culp

Alex is one of the founding members of the 2009 robotics team. He is an alum of Gross Catholic class of 2011. As a team member he worked on robot design and construction and now consults with the  hardware development team members and is the assistant adviser. He is currently a  student at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

Ian Ginnaty

Ian is one of the founding members of the 2009 robotics team. He is an alumni of Gross Catholic class of 2012. As a team member he worked on robot programming and was the 2011 – 2012 Team Captain. He now consults with programming and game strategy. Ian also is a REC trained Head Referee and holds this position at the Gross Catholic VEX Tournaments. Ian is a Computer Science major at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

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